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Founded in 2018, Borsetta is a pioneer in the optimization of complex AI edge systems with built in designs for privacy preserving AI, security and trust. Borsetta's TitleChain platform is a blockchain application suite for next generation “web3” asset management, commerce and finance. We are developing an end-to-end cyber physical digital asset management platform that securely digitizes intellectual property for a wide range of manufactured assets and digital transactions.

Borsetta redefines digital twins and AI through physical, digital and power-driven systems coupled together into a dynamic simulation software environment. As we migrate into the "Internet of Everything Web 3.0” era, Borsetta provides our customers with a software platform to monetize, digitize and connect their future physical asset systems with replica digital energy micro-economies.

What We Do

Simulate The Future Of Energy

Borsetta’s delivers a patented cloud based TitleChain simulation platform to energy providers who envision a self-driving and balancing power system—a very "aware" secure network of technologies and distributed controls that work together to efficiently match energy supply to energy demand. As we pivot from today’s system, in which centralized control is used to manage one-way electricity flows to consumers along power lines from central generators, TitleChain can help envision the future of smart microgrids that use secure communication and controllability to continually pursue their best operating conditions, which adjust to customer demand, available generation, and pricing.

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Showcase New Power Players

TitleChain simulates efficiencies, reduces dependencies and enhances operational impact so we can rapidly deploy renewables and interact securely within the bulk power energy grid environment. TitleChain validator node simulation software supports Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Order 2222 to usher in the electric grid of the future to promote competition in electric markets by removing the barriers to deployment preventing DERs. TitleChain can simulate and model renewables within existing grid systems to increase efficiencies and reduce errors and budget costs up to 80% prior to deployment.

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Secure Intelligence at the Edge

TitleChain virtual environment enables the testing and integration of new encryption technology, distributed ledgers, hardware, equipment, asset identification to reduce cyber-attack points, and endpoint management of multiple power sources such as wind, water, hydrogen and solar. “What if” exercises can be conducted to test new designs and methods before actual implementation. Simulations of major grid disruptions due to natural and/or human causes can take place to develop action plans to quickly mitigate disruptions in service.

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Join us in the Revolutionary Power Play Web 3.0

Borsetta’s TitleChain is a intelligent digital twin platform that creates mirror images of any asset digitized on the registry blockchain platform. The TitleChain virtual grid registry give energy companies the capability to manage the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources as they become available with minimal disruption to the grid’s customers and at significantly lower cost.

If you have a revolutionary renewable energy product or you are a government agency, utility partner or new decentralized power provider we can help you demonstrate the smart grid of the future to reduce risk, increase efficiency and monetize digital energy assets. Connect up and tell us more.

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